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Achieve greater success by ELIMINATING the .....

Don’t just hope for success.

Succeed in life by…


Whether you are a native, migrant or immigrant;

Whether an individual, business, community or country


What you will learn in this book

What are the 'silent killers of success'?

They are mindset, behaviors and situations within and around you can either slow down your success or cause outright failure.

Why are the 'silent killers of success' important for success?

Getting rid of the your silent killers will remove the obstacles in your path to success. Some of them are baggage from your past, some because of the environment you are in, and yet others are simply because of your mindset. Eliminating ‘the known devils’ (or at least managing them) is perhaps easier than constantly chasing new things to acquire.


Take the 'silent killers' assessments

Find out which of the ‘silent killers’ are within or around you. Unless you know which ‘devils’ you cannot deal with them. This will take a few minutes of your time and save you years (or a lifetime) of heartache. 

How can you eliminate or manage the 'silent killers of success' within & around you?

With examples from people who actually faced these ‘silent killers’, I will offer many ways in which you can either eliminate them or learn to manage them (they keep popping up irrespective of your current level of success or whether you have faced them in the past).

Content & tools to develop the immigrant mindset

We will provide you access to articles, videos, podcasts and tools on the various ‘silent killers of success’. 

Business Thinking Podcast

Some things are better learnt ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ – the people who have faced and overcome (or not) the ‘silent killers of success’. You will also hear discussions with experts on the various ‘silent killers of success’  by listening to insightful interviews on the BUSINESS THINKING RADIO PODCAST (click to listen) 

Ram is an amazing thinker.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Author, Coach and #1 Leadership Thinker in the world

“Ram is one of the smartest and nicest people I know. He’s superb at conceptualizing new ideas and business models.”

Richard Guha

Former CEO, Alliant Energy

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Ram. I had scheduled 20 minutes but continued for over an hour because his questions were so engaging. 

Dr. Ellen Langer

Professor of Psychology, Harvard University & 'Mother of Mindfulness' and expert on mindsets

Watch Ram speak – practical insights

Sneak peak into the book

You will read about people who faced the silent killers, sometimes overcoming them and sometimes not – and how others dealt with them. Perhaps you can find inspiration from their stories or practical ideas on dealing with your silent killers. I have created an assessment that helps you to identify possible silent killers in your life. Simply put, I believe that you can achieve greater success by eliminating (or at least managing) more of these silent killers in your life. This book will help you identify and get rid of your ‘baggage’ so you can quickly greater heights in life.

  • What are the ‘silent killers of success’? Does every body have them? 

  • How can you identify the ‘silent killers of success’ within and around you?

  • What are the benefits of eliminating (or at least managing) your ‘silent killers’?

  • How can you eliminate (or manage) each of the ‘silent killers of success’?

  • You will read about real people who faced the ‘silent killers of success’ and overcame (or not). The insights are always practical.

Your Content, your way on your device!

The book will be published:

  • electronically;
  • in print; 
  • audio; and
  • in video (with highlights)

You will also be able to read (or watch) it on different devices including the PC, tablet and mobile. 

About the Author

Ram V. Iyer is a five-time entrepreneur, former Silicon Valley venture capitalist and an MIT graduate. He is an immigrant who has lived in the USA for over 30 years, experiencing many successes and failures. He has spoken to thousands as a keynote speaker and advisor.

Ram has started five companies, one of which did business in 16 countries and lost his entire life savings on the next venture. then had another which collapsed and wiped him out financially. Speaking to experts and renowned academics did not yield the insights on why the venture failed….until he did some ‘inversion thinking’. This book is based on the insights from that aha moment and inversion thinking.

Ram is a straight shooter who speaks from personal successes and failures – combined with psychology and common sense. His practical insights will save you time and heartache – and provide the ingredients to achieving your greatness.

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